Tell Your Story

Architectural portraits tell a story. People are drawn to artistic portrayals that tell a story about a time and a place that has special meaning to them. An architectural portrait helps you celebrate the places, events and turning points of your life. Your commissioned architectural portrait transports you back to relive those special moments. Why are you ordering your architectural portrait?

Some clients take advantage of our unique “Tell Your Story” option, in which the architectural portrait is accompanied by your story professionally written and edited. Be sure to ask how this exclusive service will enhance your architectural portrait when we speak.

There are as many stories as there are events in your life (and in the lives of your friends and family.) That’s a lot of stories, and a lot of reasons to order an architectural portrait! Your architectural portrait invokes your precious memory in an instant and allows you to relive those precious memories.

But sometimes you need a little more than a thousand words. Sometimes you need a picture and a few choice words to tell the full story. That’s what our unique “Tell Your Story” option is all about. Carefully crafted words to accompany an original piece of art can make your architectural portrait as meaningful to your friends and family as it is to you.

Are you telling a story about your own life? Are you telling the story of how much someone means to you?

View from Tip Top Study © Duane Gordon 2012
You’ve Made It: You had a dream and set your goals. Through tough times and failures, you never abandoned your vision and now you’ve achieved everything you imagined and more. You deserve to celebrate your achievement, and your architectural portrait serves as a reminder of the unstoppable power of a dream when it’s backed by commitment.

The Adventure Begins © Duane Gordon 2012
Because Memories Fade: Capture the place, the time and the feeling that conjures up the occasion with ease and breathes life into a distant memory in an architectural portrait. Re-immerse yourself in an instant and relive the magical moments of your life again and again.

Regal Presence © Duane Gordon 2013
Create a Family Heirloom: Art is a great investment. Yes, it appreciates in value, but more than that, it brings joy to your family for generations. Because these paintings are done using only the finest quality artist’s media and materials, your great grandchildren will continue to enjoy your commissioned architectural portrait! In a world of dubious quality and planned obsolescence, this is one thing you can expect to truly last. In our mass-produced age, few things possess the enduring value and prestige of a unique work of art.

McGill Peaks © 2011 Duane Gordon
Creative Graduate’s Gift: University graduation celebrates an enormous achievement. An architectural portrait of the faculty building or university grounds that have been home for years and the site of a lifetime’s achievement (so far) makes a truly unique gift. And a portrait of your Ivy League alma mater makes a subtle yet clear statement.

Gingerbread House © 2013 Duane Gordon
Fabulous Father’s or Mother’s Day Gift Idea: No one has worked harder to create a safe, secure and loving environment for you than your parents. An architectural portrait provides the ideal symbol of your gratitude for what they’ve created, whether it’s the family home or the headquarters of the family business. The perfect art for home or office, such a meaningful work of art is a gift everyone can agree on.

Soirée en centre-ville © 2013 Duane Gordon
Beautiful Birthday Present: It becomes increasingly difficult to find a meaningful gift for someone who has everything. A commissioned architectural portrait is a unique and meaningful gift, the perfect opportunity to celebrate the special moments in the recipient’s life. Each time they pause to admire your gift they relive a special moment in one of their favorite places.

Three © 2010 Duane Gordon
Retirement Gift: When you follow your passions, you build a rewarding career from which, as the Bard said, “parting is such sweet sorrow.” Years of service deserve special recognition, and an architectural portrait of the building where they worked for many years in a career they found both challenging and rewarding makes a unique gift. It sure beats a gold watch!

Park Avenue Montreal © 2013 Duane Gordon
House Proud: A house portrait is an excellent house-warming gift. Whether it’s a house in the suburbs, a new condo or a co-op in a converted historical building, an architectural portrait is an ideal gift. It’s also a wonderful way to remember a childhood home. Often, children commission an architectural portrait of the house they grew up in as a gift for their parents. Your home reflects your greatest achievements… you love it, you take care of it, you show it off. It deserves to be portrayed in all its glory. That’s what I do.

New York Peaks © 2012 Duane Gordon
Artistic Anniversary or Creative Wedding Gift: Commission an architectural portrait of the wedding chapel or the bride and groom’s favourite place to go on dates. Each time they admire your unique gift, they relive the moment their marriage began, the happiest moment of their lives, or revisit in their imaginations the place where they fell in love.

Purple Portal I © 2014 Duane Gordon
You CAN take it with you: Many senior citizens find it extremely difficult to leave behind the home and neighbourhood they knew and loved for many years when they must move to assisted living. An architectural portrait can ease the transition by preserving the memories accumulated over a lifetime of sitting on the front porch watching the world go by. Returning to the old neighborhood becomes as simple as gazing at the image created as a home for those memories.

An architectural portrait makes an unforgettable gift; whether it’s a gift you’re giving yourself or the ideal gift for someone you love. And when only words complete the picture, we have the perfect service to help you “tell your story.” Why don’t you contact me about commissioning an image and accompanying text of your own special place?.