About Me

Duane-Gordon-WebI create art to make you feel at home. Growing up, my family moved constantly so I was always “the new kid.” I knew the pain of feeling lost, unable to get your bearings and feeling like you don’t belong. My art became a world where I always belonged. Now, I create architectural portraits so you’ll always feel at home, so you have a place where your memories and stories come alive. When you own one of my architectural portraits, you always have a place you know you belong.

My art is the realization of a lifelong dream. I had given up art completely the day my father told me I would not study art after high school and instead, took me to enroll in military college. I abandoned my art, at first in rebellion, but later because life simply became too complicated and keeping up with the needs of a family and a career too demanding. I had no energy left to give to my art. As you can tell, all that has changed.

I now create art that celebrates the realization of YOUR lifelong dream. But before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you why Duane Gordon is the kind of artist who’s art you want to hang in your house and show off to your friends…

What I Do

2014-Duane-Gordon_Windows-on-Washington_WebI create unique images of architecture, buildings and cityscapes to invoke your memories and tell stories. You feel at home in your city. It’s where you live, where you love, where you create your life. Look around you. Everywhere you see unique architectural features, doors and windows and intricate stone and ironwork, you see towering sheets of steel and glass that reflect life around them. If you love your city, if you love the architecture, the skyline, the skyscrapers, the landmarks and distinctive buildings with unique personalities as much as I do, you’re in the right place. Your story is told through the memories you treasure, the memories you revisit each time you see each special place. I capture those places so you can visit them any time you wish.

Why I Do It

Places are important to me, and my love of cities has inspired my art for years. What places are important to you? What places tell your story? I may already have captured that special place in my art, but if I haven’t, why don’t you commission me to create the image of your own special place.

Learn More About Me

The Adventure Begins © Duane Gordon 2012I’ve included the traditional, “obligatory” artist’s texts such as my Artist Statement, my Artist’s C.V. and my Biography, but if you’d like to know more about Duane Gordon, “the person,” I invite you to discover the story of my struggle and eventual success with adult ADHD and how that has led me to give back to the community through organizations that are important to me. If you like what you see, subscribe to my newsletter. I’ll let you know when I have new pieces available, where I’m traveling and when and where you can see my art in person. I’ll never spam you, and I won’t contact you unless I have something to say.

Now you’ve gotten to know me better (and since you’re still here, you probably like what you see), I recommend you pick a favorite piece and set a goal to own that picture. Buy the originals or prints right here. If you love a piece and wish you had something just like it, only portraying a place that’s special to you, contact me about your own architectural portrait.

I’m glad you dropped by.

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