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Soirée en centre-ville © 2013 Duane Gordon 
Some people are drawn to images of rolling hills, bucolic pastures dotted with four-legged critters or tree-lined dirt lanes leading to covered bridges and the ol’ swimming hole. Not you.

You revel in the city; you admire the massive buildings and exemplary architecture of steel, glass and old stone. You love your city, and your memories are anchored to the very streets and buildings you pass daily.

Perhaps you own one of the majestic buildings people admire as they walk by amidst the bustling crowds; perhaps your company offices occupy an address of distinction in a building that merits its own custom portrait; perhaps you make your home in a prestigious apartment overlooking the city you love and you want to capture that vista.

Quicksilver © Duane Gordon 2012

Commissioned art makes your space more vibrantly yours. Whether it’s a head office, corner suite, reception hall or your home, you’ll enjoy an original showpiece for years. Your architectural portrait captures your city and expresses your love, pride and admiration for the vistas of towers and streets, structures and boulevards that create your city’s unique personality and that resonate with your soul.

When you commission an original architectural portrait, you’re co-creating art of timeless elegance and prestige. Perusing my collection of cityscapes and architectural portraits, you will appreciate the harmonious use of colors and the play of light over the city’s panorama. You can be confident I will design and create a work of art that brings your space, and your story, alive. Together we will create a piece of such stunning power and beauty that it will lift your mood whenever you are in its presence.

Shining Towers © Duane Gordon 2011

Tell Your Story

Celebrate your achievements and the special moments of your life, capturing your memories so you can revisit them at will and share them with the people you love.

Dusk © Duane Gordon 2011

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Commissioning an original artistic interpretation of your distinctive home, building or favourite vista is a rich and rewarding experience. Together we’ll create a unique and meaningful work of art; treat yourself or give the ultimate gift. You thought they had everything? They don’t have this!

Duane Gordon © 2011 Duane Gordon

Discover the Magic

Architectural portraits celebrate milestones, special events or the realization of a lifelong dream. Which achievements deserve to be memorialized in an original work of art? Perhaps a better question… which don’t?