Duane-Gordon-Web-150x200Born in 1962 in New Brunswick, Canada, Duane Gordon traveled widely before settling in Montreal, Canada. His rootless childhood unleashed his inner explorer, inspired by such beautiful cities as New York, La Paz and Calgary.

Gordon’s childhood dream never wavered; he would be an artist. Life imposed detours; Gordon earned his business degree from the Collège Militaire Royal, veered into high technology, first as a programmer, later a teacher and finally rising to the executive level in high technology consulting. However, in 2007 he determined he would “take back his life,” returning to his first love and pursuing his art career with the same drive and passion that brought success in other fields.

Gordon sought mentoring from artists, Sylvie Moncion, Svetla Velikova and Maurice D’Amour, developing a painting style that, while reminiscent of Lauren Harris, Charles Sheeler and Georgia O’Keefe, captures the cityscape from a new perspective. Gordon also works with a group of local artists, meeting weekly to paint, draw and create, individually and occasionally together in group projects. This group of friends and artists exchange ideas, provide support and encouragement and share a love of art, coffee, and cookies!

Gordon paints and draws using techniques as old as art itself, but he also pushes his work in new directions. He is constantly seeking new ways to combine painting and drawing to capture the essence of a city’s architecture in mixed media pieces that bring to bear the best of both worlds. Recently, he has begun working on stone paper as it allows him to work in graphite, oils and even to print digital images. As Gordon says, “There’s something poetic about creating architectural portraits on stone.”

Duane Gordon married Linda Walker in 1984 and is the father of two daughters and grandfather to one grandson. Gordon lives in Montreal where he pursues his art and continues to consult in high technology.