A Peek Behind the Magic of Architectural Portraits

What’s so special about an architectural portrait? It’s nothing short of magic. Come with me. I want to show you what’s behind the curtain, where you’ll discover this is not just smoke and mirrors. I know you have questions about architectural portraits, questions like, “What is an architectural portrait?” “Why would I want an architectural portrait?” and “Why are you the best person to create my architectural portrait?” and more questions clients ask. If I’ve missed your question, please contact me.

What is an architectural portrait?

Simply put, an architectural portrait is my artistic interpretation of a place that’s meaningful for you. Is it your home? Your office? The place you met that special someone who changed your life? Whether it’s small enough to hold in your hand or fills an entire wall, a beautiful hand-rendered architectural portrait captures the memories and moods that make you feel “at home.” What an ideal gift!

When I create your beautiful oil painting, graphite drawing or mixed media artistic interpretation of your remarkable home, building or cityscape, I capture its distinctive architectural features and unique characteristics, but I also capture its place in your heart, in my own unique, instantly recognizable style.

Whether portraying a residence or a commercial building, your original artwork captures the distinctive architectural character of the property and will be appreciated for years to come. As a unique gift or an award for someone who has absolutely everything or a special way to commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime event, an architectural portrait makes an excellent gift and will become a treasured family heirloom.

Why would I want an architectural portrait?

It is your story, your memories, which render your architectural portrait priceless. Is it your home? You celebrate crossing the threshold. You welcome friends and family with pride. Your home bears witness to your most significant moments; it holds your hopes and dreams in its very walls. An architectural portrait distills the poignancy of those memories into an original, hand-painted work of art.

Your “place in the world” is a measure of who you are and deserving of your pride. Be it your home, your first business, your own skyscraper or the old family homestead, a custom architectural portrait is the final word in luxury and prestige. It’s the ideal way to express the deep emotional connection that distinguishes just any building from your corporate headquarters, any city from your hometown or that makes your view of the skyline resonate as your inspiration.

Contact me to arrange your free consultation. Regardless what you have in mind, I’m sure we can find a custom architectural portrait that will meet your needs. There is absolutely no obligation.

Why should I insist on a Duane Gordon architectural portrait?

When you commission an original architectural portrait, you and I together create a timeless representation of your story that resonates with you, and that projects elegance and prestige. When you work with me, you’re choosing a recognizable style and my unique vision that ensures you’ll have a distinctive, instantly-recognizable interpretation of your building, architectural feature or cityscape. But more than that, you’re choosing an artist who has invested years to master capturing the unique personalities of architectural subjects; one who will ensure your architectural portrait touches your heart. I promise, you will treasure your architectural portrait for a lifetime (and it will become a family heirloom.)

Peruse my collection of cityscapes and architectural portraits. Paintings, drawings and mixed media pieces share a consistent style, harmonious use of colors and mastery of the play of light over the city’s panorama. Be confident I will design and create a work of art that enhances and brings your space to life. Together we will create a piece of such stunning power and beauty that it will lift your mood whenever you are in its presence.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What would my architectural portrait look like?

Your art reflects your personality and makes your space more vibrantly yours. Whether it’s in your company’s head office, your corner suite, your business’s lobby, or your home, you want an original showpiece, one you will enjoy for years. But it’s hard to find a hand painted original work of art that features your distinctive home and captures your love, pride and admiration for the building that reflects your unique personality and resonates with your soul. Enter the commissioned architectural portrait.

Perusing my collection of architectural portraits and cityscapes, you will appreciate my consistent style. Your work will also feature masterful composition, extraordinary luminosity and flawless perspective. I use vibrant complementary colors to create incomparable brilliance and to add warmth, richness and heart. I will design and create a work of art that enhances and brings your space to life. Together we will create a piece of such stunning power and beauty that it will lift your mood whenever you are in its presence.

How can my architectural portrait “Tell My Story”?

Your architectural portrait is home for your memories. Your story is in your own head, your own heart. But when you want to share with your friends and your family, you may want to “Tell Your Story” more formally. Your architectural portrait is not only a beautiful image, it is a complete portrait of the special meaning of your special place because your professionally written and edited story accompanies the image. Be sure to ask about this exclusive service when we speak.

Once I’ve decided to get a custom original architectural portrait, what happens next?

There is no cost or commitment for your initial consultation on your custom architectural portrait, but it is the essential first step to creating your one-of-a-kind work of art. When we speak, we will discuss possibilities for designs, images, layout and sizes to fit in your chosen destination. Contact me to arrange a convenient time for us to speak about what you have in mind.

Before our first conversation, I recommend that you:

  • Browse my collection of current architectural portraits, including oil paintings, graphite drawings
    and mixed media pieces ;
  • Decide which pieces and which elements appeal to you most;
  • Confirm that you are indeed interested in an original architectural portrait
    • Our Initial Conversation

      During our conversation, don’t be shy; please share which works are your favorites and what it is that you like or don’t like about any of the pieces. My understanding of the meaning of this place for you permits the alchemy that makes your architectural portrait priceless. Also, if you already know where the piece will hang or if this original architectural portrait is needed for a specific date, please mention that immediately.

      I will make the creation of your architectural portrait an enjoyable and satisfying experience, ensuring the resulting one-of-a-kind piece of art is ideally suited to you and your needs. In our first phone call, we will discuss the possibilities for designs, images, layout and sizes to fit specifically in your home, business or the home of the person the custom portrait is intended for. I will suggest potential sizes and the cost of each. Once we have settled on a size, I will confirm the price estimate for your new portrait. Once I receive your deposit (40% of the quoted price), I will begin creating your one-of-a-kind architectural portrait. Depending on size and complexity, architectural portraits can range in price from approximately $500 to $10,000.

      How Do We Get Started?

      My original architectural portrait of your distinctive home, office or preferred vista emphasizes its beauty, captures its character and evokes emotions that speak to your soul. If possible, we will arrange a personal visit for a “photo shoot.” However, when a personal visit is not possible, our conversation about what this place means to you and the memories it holds for you, allows me to “meet” the subject, absorb the atmosphere and experience the alchemy of subject, light and inspiration that is essential to my unique artistic style. This is what makes my artistic interpretations a true expression of the deep meaning of your special place. When it is not possible to explore your property in person I would love to involve you even more in the creative process. I can arrange for a photographer to visit your home, or I will coach you in conducting your own photo shoot so together we ensure your architectural portrait captures your property in its best light.

      With Your Approval

      With photos in hand, I’ll return to my studio to create sketches and studies for your approval prior to creating your original architectural portrait. Usually I prepare one or two sketches and email them to you or meet with you for approval. This is the best time to request changes. If no sketches appeal to you, I will draw different ones.

      Finalizing the Agreement

      The dimensions of the architectural portrait greatly influence the composition. During the design process, we can compare sizes and configurations (including possible multiple image configurations such as a two-piece diptych or three-piece triptych). Once we have settled on the final dimensions, I will confirm your final price and send you a “deal memo.” This is a simple document that spells out our agreement so we avoid misunderstandings.

      Making Magic

      Once we’ve decided on the design and composition of your architectural portrait, it usually takes six to 12 weeks (sometimes longer for larger pieces) before the painting is ready to travel. The techniques I use to achieve my unique style requires oil paintings be done in layers, with time to allow for drying between. After the portrait is complete, it takes approximately fifteen to twenty days to finish drying enough to transport and hang. (Oil paintings can take a full year to cure before they can be varnished, but can be safely moved and hung during all but the first week or two of that period).

      If you would like to see the evolution of your architectural portrait, I can take in-process digital pictures and email them to you. I will email a picture of the finished custom painting to you, for your final approval.

      Payment Process

      Once you are completely satisfied that this custom hand-painted architectural portrait is exactly what you want, you simply deposit the remaining amount due using PayPal or major credit cards and we’ll arrange for delivery. Whenever possible, and if the painting size and travel schedules permit, I enjoy delivering your new artwork in person.

      Signed, Sealed, Delivered… It’s Yours!

      With every architectural portrait, you receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity showing that the artwork is original and painted by hand. Because all my architectural portraits are created using only the finest materials, gallery-quality canvas and the highest quality oil paint, your great grandchildren will still be enjoying your painting when you have passed it down to them! In a world of dubious quality and planned obsolescence, this is one thing you can expect to truly last.

      When you receive your custom hand-painted oil painting, unwrap it with great enthusiasm and hang it on your wall. I include the appropriately sized hardware for hanging it, so that part is easy.

      How much will it cost?

      As you can imagine, your investment in an architectural portrait is greatly influenced by the work’s size and medium. Prices range from $500 to $10,000. Half is due upon start of the contract and the remaining balance is due upon delivery.

      The only way to be sure you’re getting exactly what you want and receiving excellent value is to arrange a free consultation. There is no cost or commitment for your initial consultation to discuss you custom architectural portrait.

      Contact me to arrange your free consultation so we can discuss what custom architectural portrait will best meet your needs. There is absolutely no obligation. Once we speak, I will prepare a quote that suits your budget.

      Do you have anything available at a lower price point?

      Please visit our shop to see the prints and gift cards available. If you represent a group interested in a custom architectural portrait, such as a graduating class, a condo association or a company who would be interested in prints or “multiple originals” (multiple copies of one original drawing, each painted individually and uniquely) please contact me to arrange a free consultation so we can discuss what options will best meet your needs. There is absolutely no obligation, and once we’ve discussed the options, I will prepare a quote that suits your budget.

      How is my painting shipped to me?

      All paintings are hand packaged for shipping. Whenever possible, and if the painting size and travel schedules permit, I enjoy delivering your new artwork in person. However, if the painting is too large or our schedules do not coincide, I will arrange shipping for your architectural portrait through the appropriate specialized service (where additional services such as custom hanging can also be provided.) Shipping and insurance is at your expense, and paintings are shipped once the final payment has been received. All paintings will have insurance and a tracking number. After your painting has been shipped, I will email you your tracking number, so you can follow your painting’s journey to your doorstep.

      If you need your painting rushed to you for a special occasion, please contact me with the details and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

      Are my purchases guaranteed?

      Yes, all your purchases from Duane Gordon, Fine Art are guaranteed. If you get your painting home and you decide it isn’t the perfect piece for you, we will replace it with one that is or refund your money for a full 60 days after your purchase. If you’ve hesitated to purchase artwork online in the past, why not give us a try? You have nothing to lose!

      Contact me to arrange your free consultation. There is absolutely no obligation.